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Among the many issues to be tackled in the developing world, children and young people’s education and health is crucial. The best hope for sustainable growth and stability in developing countries is to educate strong future leaders, individuals who are able to overcome socio-economic barriers and historic trauma to pioneer change.

The challenge in education is not only about infrastructure and building schools or about improving the technical capacities of teachers. It is not so much about the number of children that attend schools or about the skills they acquire. It is about the values and culture that the children are embedded with and about overall ensuring a better quality of the education systems. We suggest applying a more holistic approach to education, enhancing children and young people’s character and integrity, and rebuilding their confidence and trust in themselves, so that they can generate real changes in society.

Through awakening people’s senses and strengthening their focus, motivation, stress management and self-esteem, Brain Education provides the foundation for learning and teaching to have a stronger impact in their integral growth as a human being.

In cooperation with the UN Permanent Representations, we are bringing Brain Education to Latin America and Africa. Children who have suffered extreme violence and conflict in countries such as El Salvador and Liberia are the program’s principal beneficiary groups.

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Awakening the potential of the brain means mastering our physical, mental and cognitive abilities and unleashing our true creativity. Through doing this, we naturally recover a sense of responsibility and awareness. We come to realize that how I am living at this very moment has an impact on the future of humanity and the earth.

If one person awakens to the potential of their brain and actualizes its value, they influence the energy field around them. If 100,000,000 people (roughly 1% of the world’s population) do this, they can constitute a critical mass having the power to create a peaceful and widely benefiting culture in this world. We call these individuals Earth Citizens, people who have a sincere concern for the future of humanity and the earth and a desire to be beneficial to all life. This level of consciousness requires constant passion and choice. In order to truly manifest our value, our brain must keep remembering its deepest wish to heal the earth and other human beings. Only when we keep choosing and overcoming the many obstacles that stand in the way, does our brain truly change and create new synapses, transforming in real changes in our lives and our communities and nations. By increasing self-awareness and action, IBREA’s training helps participants keep that state of mind alive. By continuously seeking to transcend the differences between nations, races, religions, gender and other identity boundaries, the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also strive for that spirit and continue to inspire hope for humanity and the earth. That is why the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) was associated to the UN since its creation, offering its program as a tool for advancing the UN goals of development and peace.

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Brain Education in El Salvador



Brain World magazine explores cutting-edge science and how its findings can affect human health, culture, education, global issues and more.

Measure your memory, attention, problem solving, spatial reasoning and more. Normative samples of IBREA’s brain tests are being carried out in Japan, Russia and Argentina



Join our team in an experience that will transform your view of yourself and the world. Through participating in the volunteer and internship program you will get an overview of IBREA’s work around the world and in the UN forum, as well as a direct experience of our Brain Education curriculum in New York or in other countries where we have programs. After a first volunteering experience, participants become eligible for our paid internship during a period of 3 months.

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