A few decades back, scientists thought that people could have very limited influence over their brains. It was assumed that by the time people reached adulthood, their brain connections were permanently and indelibly in place. In childhood, one might be able to exert some influence over their brain potential, but for the most part these things were genetically determined. Recently we have discovered the neuroplasticity of the brain. Right up to the end of your life, you can restructure and adapt your brain according to your needs. Your capacity to change your brain depends on your choice, nothing is predetermined. You can assess your brain as a microcosm that contains everything you have been and holds the brain potential of everything you will become. The brain is the only organ that exerts influence on the world outside your body as well as inside your body.

Essentially, using the brain well means recovering our physical, emotional, and cognitive wellbeing and increasing our ability to succeed and contribute to a better world.

IBREA’s message is that if we all chose to use our brain potential to pursue the common good and bring humanity together under a common system of life values, our lives and our experience in this Earth will become much more meaningful and hopeful.

Belief in the importance of our common ground, the Earth, is certainly not new. Many people are educating us about the dangers threatening the environment as the signs of environmental distress become more evident and urgent. Everyone is becoming aware of the importance of balancing the needs of human civilization with that of the natural world. What is also clear to many people today is that our common human heritage cannot be broken by barriers of ethnicity, religion, nationality and other identity boundaries. We must find a central standard of value that can overcomes the differences among value systems that drive individuals and nations into conflict with one another.

But this knowledge on the earth and humanity itself has proven to be painfully deficient in effecting fundamental and lasting change. Both environmental problems and human conflict and inequality are prevalent.

To start having real impact, we need to understand our current challenges in a way that will shake us to the core of our being and awaken our full creative power. Only then will we be able to make the changes we want to see in the world. Translating our knowledge and dreams into action and results requires a fundamental transformation in our brains. Meeting with the core of our brain will lead us to such understanding. And that is what Brain Education is all about.

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Brain Declaration

World-renowned scholars, thinkers, and social activists gathered in Seoul, South Korea on June 15, 2001, to attend the New Millennium World Peace Humanity Conference. It was the first Humanity Conference held to highlight the values of Humanity, the Earth, and the Brain.

The event attracted 12,000 people, including Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President, Seymour Topping, former Pulitzer Prize administrator, Jean Houston, anthropologist and advisor to UNICEF, and Maurice Strong, Executive Director of the UN Environment Program. The panelists discussed the Earth Citizen philosophy and sought ways to put it into practice.

Ratified at the 1st Humanity Conference in June 2001, The Declaration of Humanity is a brief document that recognizes the Earth as the common ground of humanity. The document emphasizes the subsequent basic responsibilities of humanity both toward the earth and ourselves.

The adoption of the Declaration of Humanity reflected a fundamental shift in consciousness, capable of resolving the problems facing the human race. The Declaration became the philosophical foundation of Brain Education and was later adapted and renamed the Brain Declaration.
Essentially, the Brain Declaration is a set of statements that affirm the power of the human brain.

• I declare that I am the master of my brain.
• I declare that my brain has infinite possibilities and creative potential.
• I declare that my brain has the right to accept or refuse any information or knowledge that it is offered.
• I declare that my brain loves humanity and the earth.
• I declare that my brain desires peace.

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